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GosWasTV offers the best and the latest movies as the absolute first after the cinemas. Our task is to
give you the best content and leave it up to you when and where you want to see it; to make it brief we
are your online cinema.
It is obvious that in the past years there have been a clear development in the film industry where we no
longer go out to buy or rent products. Instead it is now something we do online and stream as we
prefer. Off course it’s more convenient with this beautiful development, and it’s also possible to preview
the content on GosWasTV on your devices .
With us there is no subscription. You only need to create your own free profile. It is also optional to
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GosWasTV is a global streaming entertainment service offering movies and Tv series only on PAY PER
VIEW (you pay for what you view). With your own free profile you are ready to watch exactly what you
want and how you want. For help on how to get started , we recommend that you read our guide to
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