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About us

About us

GosWasTv is a Multimedia company deeply submerged in the film production. It’s a well progressive entertainment company whose strength lies in the storytelling. Our mission is to explore socially relevant and meaningful themes, to bring engaging and entertaining stories to audiences worldwide. We are aspiring to commercial success for independent filmmakers and investors.

GosWasTv produces feature films and TV series. Our benefit from innovative and video creative approach to video production as well as a host of other services: Concept Planning: Animation:including: 2D & 3D: motion graphics, whiteboards, rotoscoping & character creation Original Music and Sound Design Videography, Video Editing, Video Production, with High-Quality Video Production and Services.

GosWasTv- Our core capability is being able to produce films from the beginning to the end. Our vision is to inspire audiences. We work with emerging professional filmmakers specialising in film. GosWasTv has important details and the big ideas, we have the production nous and the creative integrity to make it all happen.

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